In addition to Furthur performing 4 full shows, there will be a variety of daily activities that range from adventurous to relaxing. The activities that will be happening include...

Playing in the Sand 

Head to the beach and bring your strings to this gathering to join in as we play favorite songs from the Dead. Come on by and have a good ol' time with friends from the past, and make new friends to join in on the long nights of dancing to come!

Grateful Dead Poolside Trivia 

The best of the best - this is the most elite gathering of aficionados ever to amass on the white sands of Mexico who will go head to head in this tête-à-tête de Grateful Dead Trivia. If you think you're in the know, come on by and be a part of the show!

Tie Dye Workshop 

Join master tie-dyer Ben Jammin and friends in a unique workshop of colors. Learn how to make the beautiful mandala design as well as dancing bears, turtles and the steal your face epic tie-dye along with other patterns and tie-dye techniques. Put some color in your whites and make some great friends along the way!

Poolside Grateful Bingo 

Test your music wisdom and win some great prizes while relaxing at the sunny pool - listen to Dead tunes and match the names of songs on your Bingo Card to win! Proceeds benefit Positive Legacy.

Guac' Off 
Ready... Set... AVOCADO!! We will provide a menagerie of ingredients and you provide one excelente guacamole! This timed competition is for the true foodie - enter if you think you've got what it takes to be the first ever Paradise Waits Guac' Off Champ! First come first serve sign up at the event...

Texas Hold 'em Tournament 

It goes to show you don't ever know, watch each card you play and play it slow! Come ready to take home the pot and play against the very best Deadheads in a true match of skill.

Tequila Tasting 

An expert on tequila will guide interested tasters through the art of tequila making while participants sample the large variety of tequilas available. When in Mexico, savor the best that the land has to offer!


Join yoga instructor Dana Ptucha as she limbers your body for long nights of letting loose. Dana is well versed in the art of Vinyasa yoga and is especially prepared for the warm sunny days with her expertise in Bikram Yoga.